South Florida's Newest Google Partner

By Sean Tibor - June 12, 2017



Red Reef Digital is proud to announce that we have recently been certified as a Google Partner.

Why is Google Partner Status Important?

Following a rigorous training and certification process, the team at Red Reef is qualified to support clients in development and implementation of effective digital advertising strategy, delivering results throughout the Google advertising channels of mobile, video, display and shopping. Certification as a Google Partner is achieved by the successful completion of Google AdWords product certification exams and ensures Red Reef is up to date with the latest product knowledge and technologies.

Red Reef's investment in achieving Google Partner certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing excellence in digital marketing strategy to our valued clients and the marketing community here in Boca Raton, Florida.

HubSpot + Google Expertise = Outstanding Results

As one of the few Google and HubSpot Agency Partners in South Florida, Red Reef provides insight and support in delivering strategic results through all digital marketing channels. We are dedicated to creating successful partnerships based on open communication and measurable results.

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