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Multi-Step Zapier Workflows: More than just 1,2,3

February 04, 2016

Posted by WordPress, Zapier, Gravity Forms, websites, Technology

Written by Sean Tibor

I've written before about my love for Zapier, and their release this week of Multi-Step Zaps is a huge step forward, allowing for more sophisticated Zaps. You may be thinking "Ok, great. I get it. I can do more than one step at a time. That's a good thing, but a huge step forward?"

Fun With Zapier Integration - Part One

November 14, 2015

Posted by WordPress, GoToWebinar, Zapier, Gravity Forms, Base CRM, Technology

Written by Sean Tibor

How do you make your Wordpress site talk to your CRM and Webinar systems?

I'm working with a new client that uses webinars as both a lead generating tactic and a service to existing members. We're setting up Base CRM for them to track the activities of their current customers and new leads,[...]

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