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Sean Tibor

Sean founded Red Reef Digital to help business owners capitalize on the growth potential of today’s online marketing capabilities. He is equally passionate about ensuring that this growth happens in a sustainable and effective way to enable future years of prosperity. Sean’s background includes 8 years at Procter & Gamble, with roles specializing in marketing technology solutions and digital marketing management for Crest and Oral-B brands. He has also worked as a marketing director for Kaplan University’s School of Nursing and School of Health Sciences, where he was responsible for all aspects of marketing campaign development, ongoing marketing operations, and market strategy.
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Recent Posts

Marketing Metrics: How to Calculate Your Cost Per Acquisition

July 28, 2016

Posted by Business, marketing, metrics

Written by Sean Tibor

Your businesses' cost per acquisition (CPA), also known as Cost Per Customer (CPC), is one of the most important measures you can track for the financial effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts. When paired with other metrics like customer Lifetime Value (LTV), it is a key component[...]

Founder Sean Tibor Earns Hubspot Certification

June 28, 2016

Posted by Inbound Marketing, automation, HubSpot, marketing

Written by Sean Tibor

We're pleased to announce that Red Reef Digital founder Sean Tibor has completed all the necessary steps to earn his Hubspot Certification. This demonstrates Sean's knowledge and application of the principles of inbound marketing using Hubspot's automated marketing platform and is valid through[...]

Hands-on with the HTC Vive: Is VR Finally Here?

June 14, 2016

Posted by virtual reality

Written by Sean Tibor

Let's get this out of the way at the beginning: Yes, I know that I look silly wearing a VR headset. It's not sleek and sexy right now, but most disruptive technologies aren't at the very beginning. Remember how websites looked in 1995? It may not be pretty, but you are looking at the future. I[...]

How to Make a Raspberry Pi-Powered Twitter Bell Ringer

May 18, 2016

Posted by Zapier, marketing, Technology, IoT

Written by Sean Tibor
We saw Chase Bank's small business promotion to " Ring the Morning Bell for Small Business" and realized that this was a perfect opportunity to make a social media tie-in to the physical world using the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). The result was a Raspberry Pi system that rang a bell[...]

How-To Create Multi-Page Forms in HubSpot

May 03, 2016

Posted by HubSpot, marketing, Retargeting

Written by Sean Tibor

What Are Multi-Page Forms?

Multi-page forms, or paginated forms, are simply online html forms that span multiple pages and improve conversion by reducing the number of forms a visitor must fill out on any given page. Would you rather see one page with 12 different fields to fill out or a page[...]

Is Your Marketing Culture Holding You Back?

April 20, 2016

Posted by culture, Business, Transformation, marketing

Written by Sean Tibor

My good friend Steve Nunn over at Nunn Better Consulting just posted a great analysis of the different stages of business lifecycle and their effect on organizational culture. Essentially, there is a peak culture that matches up with the midpoint of business maturity. However, without active[...]

3 Reasons Why Red Reef ❤s HubSpot for Inbound Marketing

April 04, 2016

Posted by Inbound Marketing

Written by Sean Tibor

I'm pleased to announce that Red Reef Digital is beginning to work with HubSpot to offer Inbound Marketing services in South Florida. Few local agencies provide this service, and if you are a Palm Beach County business owner or marketing leader entering this Inbound world for the first time,[...]

Multi-Step Zapier Workflows: More than just 1,2,3

February 04, 2016

Posted by WordPress, Zapier, Gravity Forms, websites, Technology

Written by Sean Tibor

I've written before about my love for Zapier, and their release this week of Multi-Step Zaps is a huge step forward, allowing for more sophisticated Zaps. You may be thinking "Ok, great. I get it. I can do more than one step at a time. That's a good thing, but a huge step forward?"

New Zapier Release: Folders, UI Changes, and More!

December 07, 2015

Posted by integration, automation, Zapier, marketing, Technology

Written by Sean Tibor

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Zapier for marketing integration. There's very few other systems out there that help you glue together your website, CRM systems, marketing automation tools, and your productivity platforms without having to write any code. We've used it to make Wordpress[...]

Why You Probably Shouldn't Use GoDaddy

November 16, 2015

Posted by getting started, hosting, godaddy, WordPress, Business, websites, Technology

Written by Sean Tibor

Nearly every small business client that's come to me in the last few months has been registered with GoDaddy for their website domains or hosting. In the US, they are the among the heaviest advertisers for website services, offering cheap domains and affordable hosting. When small business[...]

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