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Marketing Metrics: Calculating Marketing Cost Per Acquisition Percentage

April 17, 2017

Posted by Business, marketing, metrics

Written by Sean Tibor


3 Simple Marketing & Sales Metrics to Maximize Your Effectiveness

December 12, 2016

Posted by marketing, metrics, Capture2Convert

Written by Sean Tibor

How well do you understand your marketing & sales performance? Are you acquiring new customers in a profitable way? How much can you attribute to your marketing efforts? In a December 2015 survey of small business owners, only 37% of respondents believed their marketing was effective, and nearly[...]

5 Damn Good Reasons for Call Tracking

October 24, 2016

Posted by Inbound Marketing, HubSpot, metrics, CallRail

Written by Sean Tibor

Have you ever wondered what's really making your phone ring? How are your customers finding your business? Is it your Adwords listing? The phone number on your website? That print coupon mailer you sent out 2 years ago? What's really making a difference?

Marketing Metrics: How to Calculate Your Cost Per Acquisition

July 28, 2016

Posted by Business, marketing, metrics

Written by Sean Tibor

Your businesses' cost per acquisition (CPA), also known as Cost Per Customer (CPC), is one of the most important measures you can track for the financial effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts. When paired with other metrics like customer Lifetime Value (LTV), it is a key component[...]

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